MEN'SPAK10 - 'All for Men' Package

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MEN'SPAK10 - 'All for Men' Package

MEN'SPAK10 - 'All for Men' Package MENSPAK10MEN'SPAK10 - 'All for Men' Package MENSPAK10
Our price: $200.00
Sizes and Colors
Base Package is $200.00. To Increase Size Use Drop Down Box. i.e. a $500 Package is Base ($200+$300) = $500.00

A growing popular package because this package focuses on items JUST FOR MEN!   Men want to look and feel sexy too, and what woman doesn't want to purchase items for her man as well. Any occasion or no occasion at all - it's all for men this time!  This definitely is a gift that keep's on giving!
If you are not sure what to buy but want to start offering items for men, our package deals are for you!  Simply decide what dollar amount you want to spend and we will do the rest. 
Shown above are photos of popular styles to give you an idea of the type of products you can receive in this type package. For each style you receive, you will generally receive a few pieces of each style with that depending on your total package amount. The price points for each style are as listed on the website.  Also, the more you spend, the more product variety and number of units you will receive.  For example, if the average price of a men's sexy item is $5.00, in a $300.00 minimum package, you can receive approximately 60+- units (generally 6 pieces of each style). You will also receive a variety of items at different price points, so this number can alter depending on your total package amount ordered. Your invoice will specify each style by price and a description so it is very clear for you.  Either way, you will receive a good product sampling to get you on your way!
Also note, you can select multiple packages to give us a dollar amount expenditure for each product category.  Example, you may want $300.00 in Men's, but then choose $400.00 in the General Lingerie category and another $600.00 in the Sexy Package category. This will give you your desired dollar amount for each category that you would like to focus on within your business.

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