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Julie France Shapewear

Julie France Bodyshapers are made of superior quality, resilient stretch materials that slenderize and smoothes the body without bulging on the skin, helping to improve the way dresses, clothes and outerwear fit. Plus, Lingerie Mart offers the lowest prices of Julie France on the internet.

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JFL00 - Léger Frontless Panty Shaper

Sale Price$29.40

JFL01 - Léger Frontless Body Shaper

Sale Price$34.90

JFL03 - Léger Cami Body Shaper

Sale Price$35.90

JFL04 - Léger High Waist Panty Shaper

Sale Price$24.40

JFL06 - Léger High Waist Thong Shaper

Sale Price$24.40

JFL10 - Léger Tummy Shaper

Sale Price$25.40

JFL13 - Léger High Waist Boxer Shaper

Sale Price$28.90

JFL16 - Léger Cami Dress Shaper

Sale Price$32.90

JFL17 - Léger Strapless Dress Shaper

Sale Price$32.90

JFL18 - Léger High Waist Slip Shaper

Sale Price$31.90

JFL19 - Léger High Waist Capri Legging

Sale Price$35.90

JFL20 - Léger Tank Top Shaper

Sale Price$27.90

JFL23 - Léger High Waist Boy Short Shaper

Sale Price$28.40

JFL24 - Léger Mid Waist Thong Shaper

Sale Price$22.40

JFL25 - Léger Mid Waist Panty Shaper

Sale Price$22.90

JFL99 - Julie France Léger Strap System - Loop and Strap ...

Sale Price$4.90