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Magic Silk Lingerie, Clubwear, Fetishwear - Over 350 Styles

Think outside the buns! Lingerie Mart offers the complete Magic Silk collection of X-Rated Boyshorts called Wise Cracks for women and Oral Assualt for men. These revolutionary new lines of sexy bikini underwear are emblazoned with highly provocative comments. These garments are made from rich, black fabric, a four-way polyester/spandex blend with soft, plush logo elastic that guarantees maximum comfort. And the sexy, lo-rise styling helps to ensure that you get your point across. Many different sayings are now in stock, and more are on the way. Available sizes include S/M, L/XL and women's Queen size (for big thinkers). All Wise Cracks and Oral Assault products are sold in attractive, illustrative display boxes showing a sexy female or sexy male model wearing the unique product.